Our History – How Everything Started

In spring 1989, Germany was still divided, borders were still actual borders, and a year abroad really seemed like an adventure. Back then, a group of students from Paderborn who have been abroad met in order to share their experiences and opinions. Together with the unforgettable trips, the students faced several issues, for example, organizational problems, difficulties in getting settled, and cultural differences. In order to combat these problems and to ensure that the exchange students in Paderborn have a better start, Eurobiz was founded.

The goal was simply to enable people to integrate into the new environment as smooth as possible. Eurobiz wanted to support the internationals by helping to solve problems and introducing the exchange students to other internationals and local students in Paderborn. Another mission was to ensure that local students were aware of the option to go abroad and of all advantages and experiences they would gain.

Until today, our goals did not change. Several students from all faculties and degrees come together regularly to engage in activities for our internationals. The large number of events and occasions enable getting to know people from all over the world and making friends. These arising friendships will even outlast the time of the stay in Paderborn.