About Us

In short, we are committed to helping exchange students to have the best time possible in Paderborn. We do this by offering support with any given issues as well as organizing many fun activities and trips.

That’s why Eurobiz was founded. In recent years, we counted a constant number of 40-50 members who dedicate their time for the sake of the exchange students in Paderborn.
Besides, our work is voluntary, everybody participating is not being paid for organizing anything! We cooperate with the International Office of Paderborn University and as a so-called Lokale Erasmus+ Initiative (LEI) we receive support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In retrospect, we have a long tradition. Eurobiz was founded in 1989, when Germany was still divided and the borders of European countries were actual borders. What an adventure to study abroad, wasn’t it?

Every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm we have our weekly meeting for Eurobiz members (not the exchange students) to discuss current topics, and organize upcoming events. Everyone who wants to participate in our student association and volunteer for our exchange students is more than welcome! After the weekly meeting, we catch up with the international students at the so-called Stammtisch, which takes place at some pub in the city center.

During the semester we organize several events and trips for the exchange students in Paderborn. Here you get an overview of this semester’s offer.